Spirit Message 11/29/18

Spirit Message 11/29/18

Mary Magdalene comes forth in this moment to urge you to live in and from your higher consciousness where LOVE reigns supreme. It is here where the most good can be done. Forgive yourself and others for any hurts that may have been cause. Release all old Un-forgiveness toward others to allow healing to take place so you can move forward. Send love to ALL to heal the situation.

Allowing love to flow freely in your life results in the manifestation of your dreams for you will be in a place of peace, joy and balance. It is in this clear state when you are most open to receive all you have been dreaming of. Remember to express gratitude when your dreams come true.  

Share your unconditional love and gratitude with all you encounter. Perhaps in a smile to a stranger, holding a door, a compliment or extending a helping hand. Such kindness changes lives and gives others faith and belief that love is alive and that others truly care. The result of this loving kindness fills the heart and soul with rewards far greater than anything material. 

My cup runneth over! 💗💗💗

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