Mother Mary’s Morning Message

Today you are being reminded to focus on the present moment. If you are living in the past by re-hashing old memories or reliving ancient wounds, you are missing out on the joy of life that is here and now. Mother Mary encourages you to live in the moment to experience the joy in life no matter the situation. Keep the faith that your situation will resolve. When you remain calm, relaxed and go with the flow, you are open to attract the elements, tools, and people into your life that will bring the necessary healing, help, and resolutions to you easily. When you are mired in worry, you create a resistant barrier which keeps you stuck in a perpetual unresolved situation. Let Go and Let God show you the hidden blessings as you traverse your experience; knowing this too shall pass. Let God carry and transmute your worries, cares and insecurities into beauty, peace and joy. Live and ENJOY life!

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