I’ve dealt with acid reflux/GERDs for 20+ years. When my doctor told me I should have surgery to repair my esophagus, I decided to manage the pain on my own. Then I found Angelic Reiki and my life changed. Not only was my flap healed, I am now off acid reflux medication. My body has healed and I can now enjoy foods I haven’t ate in years. ~JF 

 “Massive thanks for working on my headache. I don't understand everything about Reiki, but I do know I'm feeling no pain. Thank you! ~K.W.


"I cannot recommend this amazing treatment/experience enough! Kim is an incredibly gifted energy healer. I feel wonderful! ~M.G.

Wow! What a session yesterday. You gave me some key pieces/threads. I may be piecing together the big puzzle or reweaving the sweater - wow! I woke up and walked to the kitchen at 1:12 am and began writing how I saw the pieces connect. This morning, I feel lighter and MUCH better. I saw 1:11 and 2:22. I will let you know as I weave these rainbow threads - want to integrate a bit first :)


Thank you SO much for your love and service, dear Sistar!

Stephanie - Michigan


I feel amazing! I will definitely schedule again.

Ms. T - Michigan

I received the Angelic Reiki with BioTrinity package with Dr. Kimberly Taylor and I feel amazing!! I instantly felt lighter, clearer and more balanced. All negative energy and stress that I was feeling was eliminated during my session. I look forward to starting this journey and seeing the many benefits that come along with these types of wellness treatments

TB -Michigan.


The session was great. It was a good experience for me. You will indeed be hearing from me again about utilizing more of your services. It was a pleasure to meet you and very much appreciated. Looking forward to speaking with you soon.

Dequan - Michigan


I felt better today than  I have in a long time.

Thanks to you and Stephanie I have been smiling all day.  I felt so incredibly lucky to have found Stephanie and then for her to recommend you was the frosting on the cake.

We will see each other again for sure.

Take care and stay safe.

John -Michigan


Thank you again for everything!  I really would not know how to navigate this part of my journey without you. 





Exactly what I needed !

Thank you so much !!!

Colleen - Alabama


I am feeling really good! I haven’t had any anxiety today and that’s the first day in almost 2 weeks! Thank you so much! My brother might be coming in to get a session! 

 Noelle - MIchigan


I am feeling more clarity 🙏

So thanks again and I will hopefully talk to you soon 

Stay safe and healthy 

Jenna - Michigan


Thanks for what you do, I feel wonderful, relaxed and peaceful. I went to the bookstore to order that book you suggested. Take care.Blessings. Julianne Michigan


l know I was not expecting the reaction but I am so happy that you were caring enough to allow & encourage me to go through it. Im still feeling good.

I am so grateful For all the help you gave last night Trudy-Michigan

What a wonderful and beautiful experience thank-you! I will be back to see you in the spring. I loved it! 

BEST, DAVID  - Michigan


Thanks for following up. I'm feeling great after our meeting. I truly enjoyed the time you spent with me and what was talked through.

Lynsey - Michigan


Thank you so much for checking in; I appreciate that so much! I am doing well and feel a lot more hopeful. I am looking forward to making another appointment soon. 





May 15, 2019

Simply put Kimberley Taylor is AMAZING and has helped through quite a bit of different health issues that I've recently been diagnosed with! I HIGHLY recommend her services to anyone who has thought about trying the many services she provides! I absolutely love,adore and admire her :)


Sunshine - Michigan



Kimberley is a "life saver" literally. Thank you for the most meaningful and magnificent Angwlic Rwiki experience of my life this far.


Renee - Texas


I have experienced Angelic Reiki, past life regression, guided meditations and now the acoustic sound healing with Kimberley.  What amazing and life changing experiences!  I come in off-centered and wandering and come out grounded, full of knowledge and ready to hit the ground running!  So talented and so willing to share her gifts! Stephanie - North Carolina


Kimberley is an amazing intuitive healer her gifts are beyond imaginable. I have had multiple amazing experiences working with her and among all of the others in her field, Kimberley is my first and only choice. I would recommend her to all of my family and friends and all of those searching for insight and healing. Thank you Kimberley

Tammy - Texas


The experience I had in my was  profound . It was relaxing and helped my focus. Just an amazing feeling one cant describe ! Thanks Kimberly !

Jacqueline - Illinois


Prior to receiving Angelic Reiki through Kimberley Taylor I was,  without a doubt, a mental, physical mess and disabled with unrelenting pain from fibromyalgia, arthritis, autoimmune disease, immune system deficiencies & additional undiagnosed pain.

My 1st session with her was the beginning  of my greatest spiritual, physical & psychological transformation.

I walked in looking for guidance & I walked out having received miraculous gifts of enlightenment & healing. 

Kimberley's abilities to reach out & heal is nothing short of a miracle.

My life has changed in so many powerful 

ways & I cannot say "Thank you" enough! 

I now can get out & spend time with family & friends. Where as before I never left my house & stayed away from company when they came over for a visit.

I truly & thoroughly enjoy every aspect of life, when I can,  from the sun, the moon, the flowers, beautiful fireflies...All of nature & God's creations. 

I still have my slumps & need to take a few days to rest, but I know that's just temporary & I can get back to life soon.

I spread the word to many about how Kimberly Taylor had helped me & is My Angel.

When ever I feel things creeping up that I can't handle or  Dr's can't help with,  I know I need to see Kim!

**I  also talked my husband in to giving it a try after he saw the amazing changes in me through Kim.

He previously underwent back surgery 2yrs prior & was told he needed another.

After One 1 hour visit with Kim & he's like a new man.

He walks taller,  he's beaming with radiance. 

Surgery is no longer a consideration. 

So,  is you are somebody that considering Angelic Reiki through Kimberly Taylor, please do yourself & your loved ones a favor and just TRY it!!! Shantell - Michigan